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Luxury rustic handmade cat trees, kitty climbers and scratching posts
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Handmade Cat Furniture by Woodside Cat Trees

Handmade luxury rustic wooden cat trees, climbers, scratching posts and more for pampered cats

We have always loved cats, and have started to create a range of handmade cat furniture and other related items. Quality bespoke and unique designs made mainly from tree branches, and where possible reclaimed resources. All faux fur and natural sisal rope is brand new.

Rustic cat scratching post kitty climber

Cat Furniture

Handmade wooden cat furniture including: Luxury rustic cat trees, kitty climbers, scratch posts. Created for a touch of luxury for pampered cats.

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Bespoke custom cat trees

Bespoke Creations

Bespoke design service to create the perfect unique wooden cat furniture for your kitties. Created especially to fit a space or colour scheme for example.

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cat accessories and kitty toys

Cat Accessories

Coming soon, a range of lovingly handmade cat toys and accessories, perfect gifts for any pampered cat. All designs tried and tested by our furry helpers.

Cat Accessories

Since 2015 when we made our own luxury diy cat tree out of fallen branches, we have had such a fantastic response from people, as a hobby the two of us decided to design some more. Every branch is carefully sourced from fallen trees or yearly pruning, hand stripped of bark and lovingly turned into beautiful unique cat trees and scratchers. There is more about our history, where we would like this project to be in the future and our furry team on our about page.

If you are interested in our bespoke cat tree design service, please feel free to contact us