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Bespoke luxury wooden cat trees handmade in the UK

We specialise in unique bespoke cat trees using natural tree branches and can be designed in various sizes to fit your space available. This can also include cat trees for the larger breed cat, such as Maine Coons.

From our cat furniture to our accessories, we take pride in all the products we make. We love working with natural wood, with it being strong and durable, it also has wonderful textures, colours and grains. Enhanced with cat-safe waxes and treatments, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood.

Each piece of bespoke cat furniture we create is lovingly handcrafted and beautifully organic in style, with a touch of luxury and class. Designed to be sturdy, strong and last for many years.

All of our cat trees and cat furniture is made from solid wood, including our kitty cabins, which are wooden cat houses with a comfy cat bed inside with a padded top. The kitty cabins can be placed independently in a room or incorporated into a custom cat tree. Also, our solid wooden scratch posts are wrapped with thick natural sisal rope, so they can withstand even the fiercest scratching on a daily basis, all mounted on a quality solid wood base.

Some of our customers reviews and comments...

Bespoke cat tree review by Sharon on Trustpilot image

Helen's bespoke cat tree featuring Otto the kitten

Helen Murray, UK - Facebook post

Beautiful oak cat tree from Theresa and Ady of Woodside Cat Trees. Quality product. I'm sure Otto is going to love it. Thank you so much T and A.

David's and Deb's bespoke cat tree for kitties tig & tog

David Furness, UK - Facebook review

Collected our beautiful bespoke cat tree for our boys yesterday. Lovely experience dealing with Woodside Cat Trees to get a wonderful piece of furniture that was made to fit our cottage (and our cats). Thank you guys!

"We would like to thank everybody who have given us some absolutely awesome feedback/comments and reviews.
Also to all the lovely people for all of the past, current and future orders... it means so much to us to know we can carry on designing bespoke cat trees for more people and their very special fury family."

If you are interested in our bespoke cat tree design service, please feel free to contact us

Bespoke custom cat trees and cat furniture

Bespoke Creations

Beautiful custom cat trees and cat furniture, designed especially for you and your cats to work with your available space. An amazing statement piece.

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Gallery of our luxury handmade wooden cat trees and scratch posts

Cat Furniture Gallery

Photos of our luxury rustic wooden cat trees, kitty climbers, scratch posts and more.

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Handmade cat accessories and kitty toys

Cat Accessories

A range of handmade cat toys and accessories, perfect gifts for any pampered cat. All designs tried and tested by our own furry helpers.

Cat Accessories