Handmade Fabric Cat Nip Mouse

Handmade cat nip mouse

Our basic shaped handmade cat nip mouse comes in two options. Perfect cat toys to encourage natural play for your cat, such as hunting, pouncing keeping them simulated and active.

The brown catnip mouse is made from brown soft touch Corduroy, with a plaited sisal tail. The body is approximately 110mm long.

The denim baby mouse is made of durable denim fabric, with a suede tail. The body is approximately 80mm long

Each mouse is handmade using offcuts of fabric double stitched for extra durability, stuffed with a mix of polymer stuffing and catnip. The ears are made of felt.

We advise you supervise your cat when playing with all cat toys. We all know how enthusiastic our cats can be with toys, so please check the toy regularly for any signs of damage, and dispose of any toys that show any damage that may pose a threat to your kitty.

  • Approximate Dimensions
  • Blue denim mouse body length: 80mm
  • Brown with sisal tail body length: 110mm

We take no responsibility for any harm caused by toys that should have been removed from your kitty due to damage from play or misuse.

If you would like information on a bespoke design please contact us.