Handmade Fabric Catnip Kickers

Handmade catnip kickers cat toy

Help us raise funds for our local RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch. 20% of the profits made from our kickers will be donated to the branch, helping them to keep up their good work in helping cats, kittens and other animals in our local area.

Kitty kickers encourage your cat to naturally kick, wrestle and burn off some energy.

Containing organic catnip these kickers encourage your cats natural instinct to attack, bunny kick, hug and burn off some energy. Each one is double stitched for durability to withstand loads of rough play from you cats, and filled with a mix of polymer wadding and lots of premium catnip.

  • Kickers approximately 25 x 10cm

Please note: You will be sent a random colour kicker which will be vacuum packed in recyclable packaging, for freshness and ease of posting, just re-plump once opened. If you have a particular colour in mind i.e for a male, female or a neutral colour please let us know and we will try to accommodate. Colours shown in image are for illustration purposes only as our stock of material is always changing.

We take no responsibility for any harm caused by toys that should have been removed from your kitty due to damage from play or misuse.

We advise you supervise your cat when playing with all cat toys. We all know how enthusiastic our cats can be with toys, so please check the toy regularly for any signs of damage, and dispose of any toys that show any damage that may pose a threat to your kitty.