About us at Woodside Cat Trees

Our passage into making cat trees...

Just an ordinary couple with a passion for creating things. After making our own cat tree, we now design them for other cat lovers. Using skills we already had, and new ones, we have learned through our journey. We have written our story for those who would like to know more about us and our journey into creating some beautiful cat products.

To view more information about our first cat tree please click the image below

Smudgy wondering how to evict Macs from the cat tree

Our Original Rustic Cat Tree

  • Our original handmade cat tree and Smudgy cat
    January 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    As cat lovers ourselves we hunted for a wooden cat tree that was sturdy and would suit the style of our room. We found the search hard, most were mass produced fur covered tubes that all seemed to look the same. So, we gave up the search and decided to create our own, an exciting playground and chill area for our furries. Wanting it to be sturdy enough for three cats to play on, and look pleasing to the eye, also fit into the restricted space we had ...and so, our first rustic wooden cat tree was created.

  • Macs our ginager cat
    2015 - 2018

    Friends and vistors said...

    “Wow, that’s awesome!”

    ..and other really nice comments such as: “Where did you get it from?”, “It looks beautiful like a peace of art” and “How much would you ask for a cat tree like that, as I’m sure they would sell.” We laughed, but after thinking for a while, and going over the enjoyment we had felt creating our cat tree, the decision was made to start designing more unique handmade rustic cat trees, and wooden scratching posts for other cat lovers and their cherished furry family.

  • Rustic cat scratching post
    Final part of 2018

    We started to create

    Over time we had sourced various branches and hand stripped them of bark. We seasoned them, and also gathered the other materials required. It took few weeks to design and build three more cat trees with scratching post areas. Each one we have enjoyed creating as much as our first, and our cats are sulking as we told them they can not have these cat trees, they are for other pampered cats!

    But... we have had to promise that they can keep one out of the future cat climbing trees we create!

  • Russle looking thoughtful
    2020 update and plans...

    We have had some amazing feedback since we launched our website and social media pages. In 2019 and early 2020 we made some sales of premade and bespoke cat trees, also we have a small waiting list of people for when we have the perfect branches for their projects.

    Unfortunately we had to take some time away for a while due to life getting in the way, but that has made us more determined to make many more luxury cat trees and scratchers, as well as designing easy to construct self assembly kitty climber kits and scratch posts, including some outdoor ones. These will be very sturdy, heavy duty and long lasting.

  • Our cat Smudge hiding from the world
    December 2022

    Well, that was a couple of years to remember!!

    The plague 2020, rising material costs, fuel costs, and everything else on the rise in cost... Aargh!

    On a positive note orders for our bespoke cat tree service has grown at a surprising rate, more so than we could ever dreamed of. So we would like to take this time to thank everybody who have given us some absolutely awesome feedback/comments and reviews. Also to all the lovely people for all of the past, current and future orders that take us well into next year... it means so much to us to know we can carry on designing bespoke cat trees for more people and their very special fury family.

    Unfortunately some thing's did have to be put on hold including expanding our online store, outdoor kitty climbers and kit-kitty climbers. We hope to be moving forward on these things in the near future still.

    To keep up to date with our projects why not follow our Facebook and Instagram. Thank you again for all the positive feedback.

Meet our team...

Woodside Cat trees is run by just the two of us, (with the help and inspiration from our three darling kitties). We are a couple with no previous wood working or carpentry background. Our background is in engineering & teaching, for the last few years we have now worked together in web design and photography. But….. we also both have the creative itch.

Smudgy doing the cute thing

Main Instigator

Macs out loving ginger pussy

The Ginger Thing

Russle, the fusspot cat

Lead Fusspot

Artan, Macs best buddy

Macs best buddy and helper in wood finding

Theresa, the tree stripper and resource assistant

Resource assistant, stripper and dogsbody

Ady main designer

Main designer and coffee addict