Handmade Catnip Toys & Specially Selected Catnip

We only use specially selected catnip which has been carefully tested by our own cats in our cat-nip toys. Each toy is handmade by us and designed to encourage natural instincts in play. You can also purchase loose dried catnip for use with scratch posts or to refresh toys, UK sales only... sorry!

We will be adding more items to the store such as cat beds and scratch posts as soon as we can.

Some information about catnip

Catnip is a plant that belongs to the mint family. When a cat smells catnip, it can become very playful and excited. This reaction is caused by a chemical in the catnip called nepetalactone, which binds to receptors in a cat's brain and causes a temporary change in behavior.

Not all cats react to catnip, however. It is estimated that about 70% of cats are affected by it. In addition, the reaction to catnip is usually only seen in adult cats. Kittens and older cats may not have the same reaction to it.

Catnip is often used as a toy or treat for cats. It can be dried and used as a loose herb, or it can be stuffed into toys or other objects for cats to play with. Some people also use it to train their cats or to encourage them to use scratching posts or other objects.

Overall, catnip is a safe and natural way to provide entertainment and enrichment for your cat. It is non-toxic and will not harm your cat if they ingest it. However, it is important to monitor your cat's reaction to catnip and make sure they do not become overly excited or aggressive.